Fantasy and Beyond

On Wednesday, August 2nd at 7 p.m., acclaimed cellist Douglas McNames performs at the First Congregational Church of Ashfield, 428 Main Street. ‘Fantasy and Beyond’ features…

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We tell the stories that speak directly to your soul – the ones that can only be told through art and the ones that bring us all together in our humanity. 

We believe that the fine arts allow us to directly share our most human emotions with one another and allow us to understand the stories that appear foreign or incomprehensible. There are many different mediums that we try to use, but ultimately we need the medium to fall away so that the sound, movement, color, relationships, and textures can all come together to reveal the story. We believe that the way forward for the fine arts is through open collaboration across mediums, through creative education that encourages people to seek connections and a deeper understanding of art as a cohesive whole, and encouraging creators, performers, and audiences alike to open themselves up and actively seek the story. 

To that end, we present performances, workshops, and instruction that provide a space for everyone to take part in the seeking. Our performances place the story at the core and use the connections among various mediums to experience it. Our workshops explore interdisciplinary crosscurrents in a structured way to help artists more deeply engage with their art. And our lessons and coachings place storytelling at their center and approach technical development comprehensively. 

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