We believe classical music, drama, and dance, when experienced together across disciplines, relate a deeply emotional narrative shared by everyone, inspiring us to make new connections within ourselves and with each other and make the world a better place.

Our programs in arts education and live performance are cross-disciplinary in scope, building community through events and workshops for all ages and audiences.

We feel that ‘going deep’ in art yields greater meaning from the practice of classical music, dance, and drama as opposed to more popular expressions, yet we also know that pursuing our artistic goals can and should be experienced with a spirit of play and fun. 

Altogether, we hope our efforts will bring us all closer together and help us all to embrace the thrilling depths of life. 


  • Art is emotional communication, which empowers us to make deep connections with our shared human experience. Communication without art is just data – it’s like the news, not without drama or interest, but lacking a deeper language of interpretive meaning, the ‘why’ of human existence itself. In a world of so much information and so little time, how do we separate that which is most important, beyond survival? What brings us together, amidst so much busy-ness and information in our lives? Art does.
  • Humans crave beauty – we pull over from a hectic drive to appreciate a sunset, and we bathe in the sound of the breakers by the ocean. Nature is one way to satisfy our craving; art is equal in its potential to speak to our soul, and also prompts us to ask questions, like: What is beauty, and its opposite, ugliness? How do they ‘stir the pot,’ emotionally speaking? How do I interpret the events of my life, compared with others? How can we share this experience of questioning? By relating through the common ground of art. 
  • Often, we’re most able to connect with strangers or people we’ve never met through a medium, a point-in-between where we can both find common ground. Art is that grand public meeting space, a common ground where those from any background can share a rich inner experience of life itself – and talk about it together.
  • Art is a scaffold that lets us build a community. Coming together to appreciate art, whether at a museum, opera house, or coffee shop, connects us meaningfully.

Go Deeper, with Storytelling across disciplines

  • Story, shared and separate, drives our lives:

A painting or a sculpture invites us in through forms, shapes, and colors. 

Dance celebrates the power of movement and the marvelous energy potential of our bodies. 

Drama and spoken word channel expression through perfect verbal nuance and timing, stirring us to action. 

Music grabs hold of us in places our conscious minds don’t register, in the realm of non-verbalized musical sound: melody, harmony, and rhythm. 

Art’s abstract power is its genius. An emotional narrative told with art lets us do the inner work of bridging the gap in the story, thereby making it our story, or a story we all share.

Conway Fine Arts’s focus is telling that story.